Finding the Right Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

One tradition that a lot of people are still getting used to is the concept of the junior bridesmaid. A lot of people talk about it and will try to figure out whether or not it’s a good idea for their situation. If there is someone that is under the age of 16 or 15 in your bridal party, then you may want to go ahead and figure out the best way to include them so that they feel special. But, how do you find junior bridesmaid dresses when most dresses are made for adults? Here are some tips.

  • See if you can get the dress style sized for a junior size. Some dress companies will actually help you out here and make sure that you can get everything that you need in order to get your junior bridesmaids ready to go. This can be your easiest option and save you a lot of headache when all is said and done with your wedding.
  • If you can’t get that exact style, make sure that you go for something with the color. Usually, you can find something that is going to work and that won’t really make them stand out too much when they are trying to enjoy being up there and helping you out.
  • Uniformity is best. So, if you have multiple junior bridesmaids, make sure that you can get them to match, if possible. This should be a little bit of an easier task to plan out.
  • If someone in your family or circle of friends is good at making dresses, see if they can help you out with it. They may be able to get something close to the style so that everything works as you want it to.